Friday, December 11, 2009


i keep thinking..
am i right??
why it is hard for me to forget??
deep in my heart..
I pray to Allah..
please.defend my heart..
make it far..
please Allah..
make it far from me..
I cant stay like this any more...
make me tough!!make me strong!!
I'm scared Ya Allah..
I'm scared of U..
U are the gracious..
please..make me calm..
make me happy..
I know..U wont test me if I cant grant it...
please don't put to much ordeal on me...
I'm too small..I'm too weak..

Please Ya Allah..
help me..I'm your serf..
only U..
only U my god..
only at U,I put all my hopes..
i do my request..
i cried..
i miss..
i love..
please take good care of it..
it's yours..
U can do anything U want.then please..
guide me to take good care of it..


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